“I’m in the military and I got stationed here from Utah. Coming from Utah to Colorado, I figured it wouldn’t be a big difference but I know how religious Utah is and how really open Denver was because I had visited Denver a bunch of times and the people were amazing. That’s what drew me to apply for the position out here in Denver, the people and the architecture around here.  Everything around here is so beautiful in kind of a really old kind of style and I really like that, although they’re throwing up new houses everywhere.

So, originally when I came out here, the style I was going for, seeing how Denver looked and going down to Lodo, I really wanted a loft.  Hands down, I wanted a loft. I wanted to see the city, I wanted exposed brick, I wanted high ceilings, I really wanted that old industrial feel to my place.  As I saw, it got really expensive to get a loft and HOA fees were freaking ridiculous. I didn’t even think that houses could have exposed brick too. I didn’t think about that at all until I really started looking at places and noticing that there’s places with exposed brick and high ceilings and that’s gonna give me that industrial look I’m looking for but still kinda homey.  So when I finally found my place and it had exposed brick and 10 ft ceilings, there was so much I could do with it.  It presented that old vibe with that kinda new updates as well, you know what I mean, best of both worlds.

When I got my place, I wanted to do a lot of handmade stuff.  I made my own wine shelf, my own book shelf, to really go with the place. Same with a lot of furniture I bought. I bought that Colorado-old-kinda-wood-looking-old-kinda-stuff. I started making stuff myself, painted my own dresser, welded my own nightstands, really making the home mine. I wanted the Colorado feel, good energy inside, and I feel like I found that place in Curtis Park/Five Points and I’m happy.

I’ve created this amazing home but it’s kinda sad because I feel like I haven’t been in it long enough. It’s only been 2 years. That’s part of the reason I don’t want to sell, that’s why I’m renting it out. I still want to feel like I own something and I have something even though someone else is going to be living there. I hope I find a good tenant who’ll take care of it the way I have, that’s the biggest thing for me. I think it’s a great place and it has the potential to be so much greater.  There’s so many improvements I could do to make it better for whoever stays there. I have some plans. I’m excited to get someone in there that’s gonna love it.  Hopefully they want to put their money into it and do repairs so I don’t have to.  Maybe they wanna do a yard for me, what do you think?”