“It was emotional to decide to sell the house. We were hesitant to sell because we spent 4 years living there, put so much money and effort into the house, and created so many memories there. Plus, we grew up a few miles away from there our whole lives. But we knew that we needed a bigger house and we can create memories there too. Definitely the hardest part was/is getting the new house ready and trying to juggle the baby, work, and life. Now we’re in an area that we don’t know quite as well. We’re jumping out of our comfort zone but it’s what we have to do. Things will fall into place.

I think we were both stressed, almost in tears on the way to closing. Actually one of us was in tears just because everything is stacked up. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Especially with a baby, it makes it so much more difficult. When we bought our first house it was easier since we didn’t have a baby. We just have a lot more stuff now. 

We know now that we’re in a great home in a great area where we’re going to live forever because we’re never moving, ever again, unless we win the lotto. Then we’re just gonna leave all of our stuff.  

We’re excited for the opportunity we’re going to have. At our new house, there’s a community feel and we’ve already met almost all of our neighbors who are super nice. Where we used to live was a nice neighborhood too, but we didn’t really get that community feel or sense of any neighbors. At our new house, for Christmas they block the street and have Santa come out and they pull the kids around in a sleigh. They have street barbecues for 4th of July so it’s a good neighborhood, especially when you have kids. The schools are some of the best in the state too.”