“We want to start a family and have something that’s 100% ours – basically make it our home. We’re urban and we weren’t going to move to the suburbs, we’d rather rent than move out of the city. Rent was a huge thing with what we were paying, now we’re paying our own mortgage so it’s heading towards our own equity. The process for our first home was daunting, especially with Denver’s market, but well worth it to get through. It was putting in a contract and getting your hopes up and then not having the contract go through and when it finally did, it was the most exciting thing ever.

I just feel like it was the house that was for us, it was worth all the steps that it took to get to this point, and it came with a chicken coop and that was like, ‘this is the one’.  The backyard is great because we’re not gonna be an elaborate couple taking huge vacations so this is our oasis so this is where we’re going to be to find our happy place.  This is where we’ll make our memories and when we start a family this will be the house that it happens in.”